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Stand in the Gap Ministries

Just as negative peer pressure and influence can bring a person down and make them do things they know they should not do, a positive community of support can help build someone up and encourage them to make good choices for a better life. This is where you Stand in the Gap.

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Stand in the Gap Ministries connect people in need with people who care so they might rise above overwhelming life challenges and live healthy, whole lives. SITG volunteers do not give handouts, instead, through caring, committed relationships and prayer, they give the ladies from Heather’s Hope a hand up empowering them to make wise, healthy life decisions and transition to life after crisis.  Each lady at Heather’s Hope is joined by 3-4 women from our community to become a “family” of support. The commitment is for one year, but the friendships that develop often last a lifetime.


To find out more about joining a Stand in The Gap group, contact Ashley Coats at 580-439-5712 or email

There is security in knowing your support system will be there when help is needed and someone you trust is available when you are making life decisions.

Since 1997, less than 3% of women who have completed the entire Stand in the Gap program have returned to incarceration. (Nationally, 67% of people who have been incarcerated will return to prison or jail within three years.)

Tonight I graduated my Stand in the Gap and just want to thank God for these beautiful and wonderfully made women right here and for Him bringing them into my life. They have blessed my life so much and I just want to thank each of them for always listening when I needed a friend, for always standing by me when I felt alone, for always lifting a prayer up for me and my children, for all the laughter we share that lightens our hearts and the tears we have shed that has brought us closer together. I love you ladies with all my heart...forever, My family

Sarah Saddleblanket


Do you want to volunteer with us?  Fill out the application below and become a volunteer today!

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