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Heather`s Hope Housing

"God sent Heather Phillips to Christian Helping Hands so we could see and learn from a beautiful life that had been given a second chance. She loved everyone big and wanted to share her life experiences to help others find the same new life she found in her relationship with Jesus. It is in memory of Heather that we call our program Heather’s Hope so she will forever touch lives with her beautiful story."

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Heather’s Hope Housing serves women who are coming out of difficult life situations such as incarceration, chemical dependency, domestic violence, or homelessness and need a second chance.

Heather’s Hope Housing began in 2011 with a vision to have transitional housing where women needing a second chance could begin their journey to a better life.  We soon realized one year of transitional housing is just the beginning for women to discover who they are and who they can become.  Their greatest desire is to be re-united with their children, restore their families and establish a home.  In 2019, we began building duplexes to add affordable, safe, family homes with continued support for those who are reunited with their children.

We currently have one transitional house where up to six women can begin their journey for a better life and seven long-term family homes for those who are re-united with their children.  Our vision is to build four more duplexes in the next five years.


Thanks to Heather's Hope Housing I am proud of me. After so many years of living in shame and addiction, I have finally overcome it and I can be genuinely proud of who I am today!

We believe in second chances!

Heather’s Hope assists clients with:

  • Integrating Faith into daily living

  • Necessary transportation to meet the Program requirements

  • Organizational skills to successfully re-enter independent living

  • Provide support to set and maintain personal goals for growth

  • Job searching and Budgeting skills

  • Access to proper medical care

  • Access to counseling services

  • Support for reunification with children

  • Food Pantry and Clothes Closet Available

If you would like information on Heather's Hope Housing, please download an application

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